How to Certify Your NDT Inspection Personnel

SNT TC A1 Training and Certification requires very specific studyingIn accordance with AWS, AISC, ASME, API, NAS

Step 1 Written Practice - Employer

Each Company shall prepare and sign-off on a “Written Practice” for qualification and certification of NDT Personnel in accordance with the welding codes.

The Written Practice shall comply with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Document Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A Guidelines. The recommended Written Practice shall be accepted and approved by a company official and the Level III.

Step 2 Level III - Consultant

“SNT-TC-1A Recommended Guidelines” require that all NDT Level I, II & III technicians are trained and certified by their employer. An employer may hire Level III Consultant. The Guidelines require a Level III to be responsible for the administration of the NDT program, training and examinations. The Owner and Level III shall establish NDT techniques, procedures and work instructions. Selected duties are delegated to the Owner’s Quality Control Manager (QCM).

Step 3 Training – NDT Technicians

Technicians shall have suitable education, training, and experience in methods to qualify for Level I or II certification. The minimum requirements are detailed in the employer’s “Written Practice” for Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel”. The Level III shall perform and sign-off on training.

  1. Examinations – General, Specific and Practical Exams are required.
  2. Training – List suitable hours of training for each method by the Level III.
  3. Experience – List suitable hours of experience, supervised by the Level III.

Step 4 Examinations

Level I Technicians and Level II Technicians shall pass General, Specific, and Practical written examinations for each NDT method to be certified. Examinations shall be administered by Level III or designee. Technician shall pass Visual Acuity J2 and Color Contrast exams.

  1. General Examination - NDT method theory, principles and applications.
  2. Specific Examination - Company procedures, work instructions and techniques.
  3. Practical Examination – Perform NDT method demonstrations and evaluations.

Step 5 Certifications

Employer shall certify each technician to Level I or Level II upon successful completion of all required examinations. The employer shall keep records of technician training, qualifications, examinations and certifications.

Step 6 Expiration

A Level III Consultant can only provide “Services” – Certification is the Employer’s responsibility. Expiration - Level I Certifications and Level II Certifications expire every three years and may be renewed by approval of the company QCM.


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