If You Have Been Furloughed ... Beef Up Your Skills

Immediate Scenario: The job-site has been shut down, and you are out of work, possibly for more than a month.

Temporary Solution: The government sent out a one-time, $1200 relief check, and is extended unemployment benefits.  This will help a little, in the short term. While most of us will be able to go back to work after the pandemic has passed, whenever that may be, many will not have a job to return to. 

Preparing for the Future:  The stark reality is that many companies and employees have not prepared well enough to survive beyond the current economic downturn. Many employees have maintained the status quo of their skill set, it had always been good-enough in the past.

The competition for positions once this is over is going to be more ruthless than we have seen in recent memory. Are your skills and certifications enough to get you to the top of the list?

Even if your company does survive the mandated downtime, will you be strong enough to come back and compete in the new, post COVID economy?

Now is the time to act! Use the downtime to increase your marketability with a Company based Quality Management Program, additional Micro-credentials, and skills based certification programs. WJMG can help you build these concepts. Whether you are an individual facing the future job market for the first time in a long time, or a company who will have to reinvent themselves to try to rebuild their client lists.

We have numerous online certification programs that can be completed in a short time, as well as customized QMS that we can help you build for your company remotely.

Contact us at 303-451-6759 today to begin your path to success in the new future. Or you can use the above or side menu to sign up for NDT certification today.

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