VT & UT Level I & II


  • All 12 required exams for VT Level I & II and UT Level I & II certification: Standard, Basic & Practical Exams ($135 ea) to be administered at the WJMG Facility in Frederick, CO
  • 2-Hour program orientation,  Q & A  Level III guidance at WJMG facility in Frederick
  • Eye Exam - Visual Acuity, Jaeger & Ichihara
  • 90 Days access to resources to support the exams (renewable)
  • 40 + hours of web-based study resource & video links
  • Logged time spent on website using provided links, downloads, etc.


  • Complete and return Personnel Qualification and Record
  • Visual Acuity Exam results
  • AWS membership
  • ASNT membership
  • Code Book (or reference available) for applicable code (ie AWS D1.1, ASME IX, API 1104, etc.)
  • Written Practice (if not available, optionally WJMG can write  - call for pricing)
  • Work Instruction (if not available, optionally WJMG can write  - call for pricing)
  • Table A - Documentation of Qualification of Training Hours, Experience Levels
  • Level III Appointment contact information (if not available, optionally WJMG can provide  - call for pricing)



Duration: 90 days
Price: $1,620.00

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