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Magnetic Particle testing (MT) is a nondestructive method of detecting discontinuities in ferro-magnetic materials in which the weld metal is ferro-magnetic. MT cannot be used on non-ferrous material or austenitic steel. Joints between metals of dissimilar magnetic characteristics create magnetic discontinuities that may produce irrelevant indications even though the joints themselves are sound.

This method will detect surface discontinuities including those that are too fine to be seen with the unaided eye. It will also detect those discontinuities that lie slightly below the surface, although sensitivity is reduced and the method should not be relied upon to detect subsurface discontinuities.


  • All 3 required exams for MT Level I certification: Standard, Basic & Practical Exams ($135 ea) to be administered at the WJMG Facility in Frederick, CO
  • 2-Hour program orientation,  Q & A  Level III guidance at WJMG facility in Frederick
  • Eye Exam - Visual Acuity, Jaeger & Ichihara
  • 30 Days access to resources to support the exams (renewable)
  • 8 + hours of study resources
  • Logged time spent on website using provided links, downloads, etc.


  • VT, CVWI or CWI Certification
  • Complete and return Personnel Qualification and Record
  • Visual Acuity Exam results
  • AWS membership
  • ASNT membership
  • Code Book (or reference available) for applicable code (ie AWS D1.1, ASME IX, API 1104, etc.)
  • Written Practice (if not available, optionally WJMG can write  - add to cart)
  • Work Instruction (if not available, optionally WJMG can write  - add to cart)
  • Table A - Documentation of Qualification of Training Hours, Experience Levels
  • Level III Appointment contact information (if not available, optionally WJMG can provide  - call for pricing)

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Duration: 30 days
Price: $405.00

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